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Here is the link to the book please read and answer the questions in your own words using the book to help Here is a link for the story:  
The Landlady

1. What do you think “dachshund” means in the following sentence from the story. “On the carpet in front of the fire, a pretty little dachshund was curled up asleep with its nose tucked into its belly.”

2. The word choice that the landlady uses shows a positive connotation about previous guests, but by the end of the story we are left to infer something negative has happened to them. Why did the author choose to have the landlady speak using only positive connotation words?

3. What does Billy see when he initially looks in at the bed and breakfast?  

4. Make an inference on what you think happens to Billy? Explain what prior knowledge you have and what textual evidence was given. Textual evidence needs to be a direct quote from the story. 

5. Read the following excerpt. Why do you think the author repeated “Bed and Breakfast?” Why did the author manipulate time, in this case slow it down? “

“Billy decided that he would walk on and take a look at The Bell and Dragon before making up his mind. He turned to go. And now a queer thing happened to him. He was in the act of stepping back and turning away from the window when all at once his eye was caught and held in the most peculiar manner by the small notice that was there. BED AND BREAKFAST, it said. BED AND BREAKFAST, BED AND BREAKFAST, BED AND BREAKFAST. “

6. When did you start to think something was peculiar about the bed and breakfast? Provide textual evidence, which means a direct quote from the story. Remember to put it in quotation marks.