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Step 1: Intro/Audience – Provide a short introduction about the people deriving value from the system/s and a brief background.
Step 2: Resources – Select and summarize health informatics web sitesStep 3: Impact – Discuss value of the information technology has provided. Consider what progress has been made, process improvements, and lessons learned. As applicable, cover value:
– For the patient/consumer (for example – improved health, better customer service/more efficient, better coordinated care)
– For the health providers/care team (better decisions due to clinical support, information accessibility when needed)
– For the department/organization (financial return on investment, staff retention/satisfaction)
– For the community/populations (improved immunization rates, more accessible or affordable care, better indicators for populations of people with a specific condition such as people with diabetes, asthma, etc. )
Step 3: Summarize highlights
Share some examples – potentially short written stories/case studies, images or incorporate videos. Provide a summary of how others are realizing value.Step 4: ReferencesPlease document your references using the APA format.
Quality is more important than quantity. However, as a guideline, content should be approximately equivalent to 3-5 MS Word pages using 11- point type double spaced. This may be presented on around 4-6 tabs on your web page. You may use quotes from referenced sources. Yet, quotes should be no more than one or two sentences in length.