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HCA 322 Week 1 Assignment, Informed Consent Anesthesia
answer: HCA 322 Week 1 Assignment, Informed Consent Anesthesia
IntroductionThe American Association of Nurse Anesthetists claims that “Anesthesia is defined as the absence of pain. Anesthesia is a safe and effective way to reduce pain during almost any medical operation (“All About Anesthesia,” 2015).” When seeking medical treatment or surgery, anesthesia is widely and regularly utilized in every institution. A CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist or Anesthesiologist) administers anesthesia (physician anesthetist). This typical method of pain management is widely acknowledged in modern medicine, and it is one that many people have had or will have when confronted with a medical condition that necessitates the use of anesthetic. I’ve only had one experience with anesthesia, and given the circumstances, I don’t recall much about it.

Consent RequirementsThe Anesthesia Consent Form contains five consent needs. The material is adequately disclosed in that the form goes through everything that is involved, including side effects, potential issues, and the various methods of anesthetic. The patient’s decisional capacity is defined as what the patient understands after being told of all necessary disclosures. The patient’s understanding of the material is easily expressed and split down into common, uncommon, and rare side effects, as well as the dangers involved. Questions for the CRNA or Anesthesiologist can be made in order to better comprehend the permission form, indicating voluntariness.
Lastly, the consent of the patient is clearly stated by their signature and acknowledgment of the other requirements within the consent form. In my opinion, this consent form meets the necessary requirements in order for the anesthesia to be administered to the patient by the CRGNA or the Anesthesiologist for the use of pain management prior to a procedure or surgery.
Question: HCA 322 Week 1 Assignment, Informed Consent Anesthesia
HCA 322 Week 1 Assignment, Informed Consent, Anesthesia