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Give a correct short answer to each question (Use whole sentences!) Make sure to read all the attachment files to get the answers. 1.     What are the five cultures present in New Orleans in the late 19th century (as presented in the reading)? 2.     Name four differences between the African music culture and the European music culture of the late 1800s. 3.     List the three musical influences on the development of jazz as given in the reading. 4.     List at least three of the qualities that the blues style contributed to the formation of jazz. 5.     List the brass band contributions to the formation of jazz as given in the reading. 6.     List the ragtime contributions to the formation of jazz as given in the reading. 7.     The “Jim Crow” laws forced Creole musicians to take gigs (music jobs) alongside black blues musicians. Describe the skill sets that each group brought to this new collaboration and ended up learning from the other. 8.     What was New Orleans like in the late 1800s? What was the night life like? Explain how the this affected the evolution of jazz.