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For Week 3, you conducted an a nnotated b ibliography on a set of topics. For this assignment you use that information as a literature review. You will then develop a p aper based on the information you collected as well as what you learned from your course and text readings. Here is the list of topic areas that was used.

  1. The major theories associated with perception
  2. Critical features of biology and physiology regarding sensation and perception
  3. Articulate the connection between biology, physiology, and the environment
  4. Processes associated with the perception of color, brightness, and contrast
  5. Processes involved with perceiving objects, forms, depth, size, movement, and events
  6. Critical elements involved with sound, localization, speech, and pitch perception
  7. Cutaneous and chemical sensations in the process of perception
  8. The influence of environmental context (e.g., geography) on perception

The p aper should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • For the main sections it should have a:
    • Title page
    • Introduction
    • Literature review
    • Conclusion
    • Reference page(s)
  • The p aper must use proper APA style for citing sources and references.
  • Introduction: This should be 1–2 p ages in length. The introduction provides a brief overview of what will be covered and the purpose of the p aper.
  • Literature review: The literature review is taken in part from what you had written in Week 3.
  • Conclusions: The difference between a great p aper and a marginal one is the depth and originality of the conclusion section. This is where you bring together what you learned from the literature review (as well as through the course) in your concluding remarks regarding your topic. The discussion and conclusion section should be 1–2 pages in length.



Annotated Bibliography

Zigman, P. (2018). Theories of perception and recent empirical work. https://academicworks.cuny.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3837&context=gc_etds.

The author has focused on the different theories of perception, and there is considerable literature written on the topic. The topic of discussion is perception and sensation. According to the theory of indirect realism, the experience related to perception includes the awareness of the objects. The objects that are mind-independent cause the awareness of mind-dependent objects. There is another theory of perception known as critical realism, and it has two components. The first component is the sensory component, the conscious internal state. The internal state that refers to the extraordinary qualities are often composed in the sensory component; The next component is the one that perceives the situation in mind.

The evaluation of the article showed that perception and sensation are essential factors to be mentioned. There are different theories of perception, and they all have characteristic features. The two essential theories known as indirect and critical realism have been addressed. The literature has mentioned the essential points of the different theories by the authors.

Marzvanyan, A., & Alhawaj, A. F. (2019). Physiology, Sensory Receptors. StatPearls Publishing.



Perception and sensation are both connected to biology and physiology. Different parts of the body are accustomed to the different functions and features. The perception is directly connected to the brain, and the biological parts of the body like the ears, nose, and eyes are connected to the sensation. All the receptors, including those of vision, hearing, balance, and others, are connected with perception.

The article can be evaluated because the biological and physiological features are connected to perception and sensation. It is seen that the eyes and ears are highly connected to perception. Human beings see the thing or anything essential or any event; they perceive that something good or bad will happen. On the other hand, hearing and balance are the other factors that help human beings sense the situation. The main events of life are maintained and balanced by these factors.

Belsky J, van Ijzendoorn MH. What works for whom? Genetic moderation of intervention efficacy. Development and Psychopathology. 2015;27(Special Issue 01):1–6. 

The author has focused on the interaction of biological factors and the environment. There is considerable literature available on the topic, and it is found that the children are mostly debated on the topic. Sensation and perception are highly interactive and interrelated with the environment because children learn from the environment and perceive specific thoughts. The author has focused on the fact that the response and perception of children are different, and it depends on the ability of children and their interaction with the environment.

Evaluating the article showed that the situation is better for those children who have better interaction with the environment and know that the environment plays an important part in the perception. Moreover, the findings showed that the learning and training of children also play an important part in the whole process.

Kaneko, S., Murakami, I., Kuriki, I., & Peterzell, D. H. (2018). Individual variability in simultaneous contrast for color and brightness: Small sample factor analyses reveal separate induction processes for short and long flashes. i-Perception9(5), 2041669518800507. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/2041669518800507

The author has correlated color and brightness with the concept of perception and sensation. The author proposed that the color and brightness change compared to what the brain perceived. The brain can perceive specific thoughts or events, but it is the mechanism that the opposite colors and contrasts are seen. The brain can only perceive things, and the eye then proposes colors. The theory seems to be successful in the developmental and growth area of the children.

The article is written on one of the essential topics of visualization, colors, and contrasts. It is one of the facts that the brain is only part that perceives, but the ability to color and contrast are different in different people. The authors proposed a successful theory for the children’s development and color appearance after the particular perception. The literature has found a close relationship between color development and the brain’s perception.

Yost, W. A. (2019). Pitch perception. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics71(8), 1701-1715.

Pitch perception is one of the most important and impressive aspects of sound and auditory responses. The literature is full of research and academic theories related to pitch. The authors proposed that pitch perception is different in individuals. In history, different researches have been done, but in the current research, the different models are used to study. The spectral and temporal models are considered the best models in measuring the pitch.

Evaluating the article is one of the most comprehensive articles in sound and pitch perception. It is observed that the sound perception power is different for the different individuals and there is a huge role of environment in it. If the models are correctly used to measure pitch, the understanding will be better.

Marques, V., Ursi, S., Lima, E., & Katon, G. (2020). Environmental Perception: Notes on Transdisciplinary Approach. Scientific Journal of Biology & Life Sciences1(3), 1-9.

The author has focused that the relationship of environment and perception is dependent on the relationships of people and communities with each other. The relationship between the people has a direct effect, and for this reason, positive relationships are usually recommended. There are two aspects included in the article, including the animals, humans, and the environment. The humans and the environment are both in a positive relationship to avoid stress.

Evaluation of the article shows that animal life is closely dependent on environmental perception. Human beings and animals often suffer from stress because of the environmental stress concept. If there is a positive interaction between the environment and human beings, the stress will be decreased.