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For this assignment, students will choose a leader that has had a significant influence on their life and will analyze the leader’s communication approach as it relates with Chapter 9 of the Richmond textbook. Be sure that your primary analysis is on the communication style of the leader and not a general biography.

  1. Select a leader that exhibits traits from the chapter and prepare a two-page analysis in a Microsoft Word document (formatted in the APA style) of those traits based on your own interactions and/or experiences with the leader. If you have not met the leader, please describe the communication characteristics that you find desirable and wish to emulate and how they correlate with concepts from the chapter/book.
  2. As with other assignments in the course, please be sure to make a strong connection with the content from the chapter as you connect your observations.
    • Your analysis should examine at least three communication qualities of the leader and examples of how they are lived out in everyday, organizational living. Please see the rubric to note how you be assessed for this assignment.