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  1. Find and download another paper on the same topic.

Download and read: Garcia, C. M. and Ramirez, E. (2005). Evidence that sensory traps can evolve into honest signals. Nature 434, 501-5.

  1. Write 2 critical summaries, one on each paper.  
  2. Combine both critical summaries in one file

Format for critical summary

2. Full and correct citation of the paper.

3. Introduction: Context of study including the big question asked. What should the 

reader know to appreciate this study?

4. Briefest summary of methods; only what’s needed to understand the results.

5. Key results.

6. What these results mean in terms of question asked or hypothesis tested.

7.How these results have changed our understanding and where scientists might go 

from here.


Critical summaries should be about 2 pages long, typed, double spaced, left-justified, 

12 point Times New Roman