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Chapter 9 Reading Guide

9.3 Propaganda, Persuasion, Politics and Power

What is a present day definition of propaganda?

What separates the difference between propaganda and persuasion?

What was the name of the city of the 6th BCE building that the Perisans used as a form of propaganda to communicate power and strength?

How can painting serve as a piece of propaganda?

9.4 Imagery of War

9.4.1 – Historial/Documentary

How can art mark a moment of triumph and validate a leader’s right to rule?


How could photography impact the way the audience views war?


How was the horror of war depicted?

9.4.2 Reflective/Reactionary and Anti-war

How can works of art be anti-war and reactionary to the events of war?

9.4.3 – Prohibition or Destruction of Imagery: Iconoclast

Why are human representations in religious art oftentimes not included?

Why did people want to destroy religious images over the course of history?

Why did people want to destroy the images of political and royal figures?