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my country is united Arab emirates initial post about your research on effects of this pandemic and the drop in oil prices on the economy of “united Arab emirates ” country and what the government of “united Arab emirates” country does to address it   So I ask you to research effects this pandemic and the global drop in oil prices (which started as an indirect result of this pandemic but by now turned into its own thing) has on “your” country, in terms of: o   Expected GDP o   Export/Import o   Currency I also want you to research what steps “your” country takes to help their economy at this difficult time (I am not talking about medical aid to the people and enforcing social distancing; we focus purely on the economic measures). As an example, I am attaching a recent article from the New York Times that talks about actions taken by some Scandinavian countries. As a result of this research, you will produce a summary post (500-750 words, not counting references). should have references but not counting them with the words