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Please use the online Google Earth Web Platform to find the listed locations.

The chart below lists the latitude and longitude of 8 locations on Earth. For each location, search the
Position by copying and pasting the latitude and longitude into the search box in the upper right.

Use the Google Earth tools to look around the location. For Each location, complete the following tasks.

1. Figure out where you are by zooming out and looking at the map. List the Name of the
landmark, and country it is located in.
2. Take a screenshot of the location, of your preference. (Think beautiful scenery or interesting
component) This can be done from above, or you can use the tools to get different vantage
points. Include the screenshots in your submission.
3. Write a paragraph describing the locations’ geological features. Be specific about the
components of the location. If it’s a volcano, explain what kind, if it’s a different feature explain
how it’s formed. Use your own words and not just the description provided by Google Earth.
This is your opportunity to show what you have learned this semester. The more detail and
specificity, the better your grade!
4. Enjoy the trip to some of Earth’s Landmarks!

You can choose to make a word document with your locations and pictures, or you can make a
PowerPoint slideshow, or be creative! As long as the tasks are completed, you can earn points.
Please note that work that is half done or done lazily will not get the full 8 points!

Latitude, Longitude

38°41’08.8″N 109°32’01.7″W
64°01’39.1″N 16°58’31.1″W
46°11’29.0″N 122°11’43.8″W
27°59’17.2″N 86°55’29.9″E
3°03’52.0″S 37°21’26.0″E
45°58’34.4″N 7°39’30.7″E
36°05’32.7″N 112°07’01.8″W
0°48’34.0″S 91°01’25.0″W