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Diet as a risk factor for dementia
Dementia is a serious medical condition, and it’s estimated that more than half of all cases are caused by various types of dementia. Dementia is a progressive and irreversible disease that causes memory loss and other cognitive impairments. It can also cause behavioral changes and even affect people’s ability to perform everyday tasks.
There are many risk factors for dementia, but diet has been shown to have an effect on the risk of developing dementia as well. Eating a healthy diet can help you prevent or delay the onset of certain diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease. A study conducted at the University of California found that eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes and fish can reduce your risk of developing this condition by up to 50 percent.
These foods contain essential vitamins and minerals that help protect against oxidative damage in the brain cells which leads to cell death over time causing mental decline as we age.
Diet as a risk factor for dementia