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Develop a strategic plan for Procter and Gamble and share it with stakeholders.

Create a 10 slide presentation with Speaker Notes for key stakeholders to solicit their approval of the strategic plan. Address the following in your presentation: 

  • An introduction with mission and vision statements
  • Core values, ethics, and social responsibility principles
  • Analysis of the company’s:
  • Internal environment (e.g. strengths and weaknesses related to resources, trademarks, patents, copyrights, or current processes)
  • External environment (e.g. opportunities and threats related to market trends, economic trends, demographics, or regulations)
  • An evaluation of the internal and external environment’s impact on achieving the company strategy
  • Create a strategic objective for the company.
  • Create short- and long-term goals for achieving the company’s strategic plan.
  • Determine methods for collecting data and measuring the success of the strategic plan.

Please use attachments to help 


Week 2 Apply: Strategic Plan Research

Jeannette Stanley

University of Phoenix

April 11, 2022


Week 2 Apply: Strategic Plan Research

Procter and Gamble (P&G) is the chosen organization for investigation in this course. P&G

is well-known across many global markets as they are a billion-dollar organization. They are part

of the consumer goods industry that produces and sells many household goods. This brief analysis

will describe their strategic growth plan.

Where P&G is Going

From an integrated growth perspective, P&G focuses their attention on performance

changes that makes consumers choose their company (Procter and Gamble, 2022). P&G wants

their growth to be balanced and create values for their consumers. One way they accomplish this is

by providing global access to their services and products.

External and Internal Environments

P&G boasts having a positive and empowering internal and external environment. One of

their motto’s is to “lead with love.” They have a group of valued partners that help to create acts of

goods in as many communities as possible. P&G also offers several opportunities for career growth

with their current employees, and they offer tuition reimbursement programs. They create love

both within and outside.

People Plan

P&G has a diverse work organization that is agile, empowers employees, and holds

everyone accountable for their actions. They pride themselves as being unique and united as they

are an inclusive workplace (Procter and Gamble, 2022). Additionally, they feel that creating a

diverse workforce helps them to better serve their communities. This includes having equal

representation among gender and being multicultural.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability


P&G is involved with several projects related to social responsibility and environment

sustainability. They specifically deal in climate, forestry, plastic packaging, and water. They

provide clean water to residents of Zimbabwe, and this started when that country was experiencing

a lack of clean water. P&G works to preserve many forests around the country to ensure they are

available to future generations (Procter and Gamble, 2022). Furthermore, they work to provide

sustainable packaging and engage in regular recycling and waste management processes.



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