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CSE 4314 Sections

Assignment #3


The student is to write a 1000 word essay addressing the impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and/or society in general. The topic selected for the essay must elaborate on how computer technology in general, or how a specific technology has affected lifestyles, the economy, the environment, politics, etc., and must be currently relevant.


This Essay Theme is to be in accordance with the Syllabus schedule to the TA by Email. The theme will be approved by the professor. The Essay Theme will be no more than 1 or 3 sentences clearly and concisely stating what it is you will be writing about in consideration of the previous section above.

The essay must, as a minimum, include the following elements:

· Title Page

· Student Name & Last Four Digits of ID#

· Title of Essay

· “For Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Professional Practices, CSE 4314”

· Date

· Pages are to be numbered.

· A description of the technology being addressed.

· Why this technology was chosen.

· A Brief History of the technology.

· Positive impacts of the technology.

· Negative Impacts.

· What is the future of this technology (where does it go from here)?

· In-text citations and References.