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Consider this ethical scenario.

You are in sales and work for a large heavy equipment company. You have seen your fellow salesmen and saleswomen sell damages equipment for huge amounts of money on a regular basis. The damaged equipment that they are selling are not worth but about 10% of what they are selling it for. For example, if a product is worth $100,000, they will place a price tag on it for $1,000,000 and it will immediately sell. The salespeople not only know that the equipment is not worth it, but they know they can get by with it because 95% of those they sell to are out of the country, they deal with them over the phone, and they will never see them or deal with them again.

Now, you are in a situation where you can make $350,000. You begin to think about how this money can really benefit your life by paying off your home, your car, get you out of debt, and you would even be able to put a nice sum in the bank.

To sell this product, all you need to do is with a straight face, simply tell this customer that this piece of heavy equipment is worth the selling price…. knowing that the product is not worth it. Keep in mind that like the others, you will not ever see or deal with this individual again. What do you do?