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The New Testament is filled with references that depict Jesus’ followers as a family with God as

their Father. Hopefully the significance of this metaphor has impacted you as you’ve read

Hellerman’s When the Church Was a Family. This assignment is an opportunity to review the

major themes and arguments presented by the author, examine areas that could be critiqued, and

(most importantly) reflect on the ways that these ideas influence the way you live. Our identity

as children of God does not only affect the way we live within our local churches; it affects

every aspect of our lives.


You will submit a 900 – 1,500-word review of Hellerman’s When the Church Was a Family. The

review must be written in current Turabian format and include a summary, critique, and

application in addition to a title page and bibliography. The review must address the following:

? Summary: 300 – 500 words – What is the author’s primary argument and how does he

explain/support that argument throughout the book?

? Critique: 300 – 500 words – Provide a thoughtful analysis of the strengths of the authors

argument. Also provide a thoughtful analysis of weaknesses or areas that could be further

clarified by the author. If you do not have any personal disagreement with the author,

provide an analysis of areas where “others” might object to the author’s argument, and

respond to those potential objections.

? Application: 300 – 500 words – Reflect on how this book has impacted you on a personal

level. The items below are suggestions to aid your reflection; you are not required to

respond to them specifically.

o Discuss any quotes from the book that you found meaningful.

o How does this book affect the way you view your role as a church member?

o If applicable, how has this book affected your view of your role as a leader within

the church?

o Do the principles from this book influence any areas of your life outside of the

church? Explain.

Each section of your paper must be clearly indicated with section headings (Summary, Critique,

Application). You are also encouraged to view the Writing Style Guide located in the Student

Responsibilities tab of the Course Overview. Once you access the Student Responsibilities area,

scroll down to locate the link to the Writing Style Guide. You will then visit the official Turabian

style guide required in formulating your assignment.