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Discussion Post Requirements:

· Responses must be well thought out and well written.

· Responses must include 2+ references to the readings, videos, and/or activities assigned for the week.

· Responses must focus on both course material and personal reflection.

· Initial responses must be between 350-500 words and posted no later than Wednesday by 11:59 p.m.

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What study strategies do you find most effective for you? What are some strategies that you have used in the past that are actually not useful? What potential obstacles do you anticipate in studying effectively? What are some tools you can use to overcome those obstacles? What are some specific steps you can take if you find that you are doing poorly in a class?

In addition to answering the questions above, complete the
Pie of Life Exercise

 and include in your response to this week’s discussion (you can either use a word processing software or you can hand-draw your pie graph).