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Discussion board

Listen to the following webinar offered through the National Academy of Science (1 hr): NAS – Climate and Covid conversation


– Create a slide deck addressing the following content, creating one slide for each bullet point: 

1) Choose one community that has been impacted by an environmental event over the two years, with at one point the worsening covid health implications. Describe the environmental event and how covid has been impacted by this event.  List the community and environmental event as your discussion board post, for example: Ashburn, VA; tornado so group members are all on the same page with regard to the event. The slide deck created will be uploaded under the Assignment link in Bb.

2) What is the morbidity and mortality related to these combined health events?  

3) Looking at the interconnections among public health, covid, and climate change, what are some of the cross-discipline issues to consider for the community?

4) Prior to the event, what had the community done to mitigate the impact of the environmental event on the population?

5) What policy initiatives could have been implemented to mitigate the environmental consequences and covid impact for this community?

6) What policy changes could be implemented in the future to reduce the impact of future environmental events?

7) How do you think the community will respond to these policy changes?

8) How should public health officials message these recommendations/changes to the population?

9) Include at least 3 references to support your information.