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M Naylor Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 2306
Essay #2

March 14, 2022

Directions: Pick one of the prompts and develop an essay which answers that prompt
completely. You may use any source you wish in preparing your answer to one of these
essay question. You may not exchange answers with anyone. See Module 0: “Intro to
Ethics Essays Rubric” for more specific directions and the rubric on how essays are graded.

1. Ethical Egoism has an internal support problem. Describe Internal Support. Then generate
an original internal support problem (you may use the one you have from the discussion).
Next, resolve your internal support problem. Do you think that Ethical Egoism is more or less
correct, given what you know of Ethical Egoism and Internal Support? Justify your position.

2. Divine Command Theory has an external support problem. Describe External Support.
Then generate an external support problem. Next, resolve your external support problem. Do
you think that Divine Command Theory is more or less correct, given what you know of
Divine Command Theory and External Support? Justify your position.

3. Ethical Egoism and Divine Command Theory have different theoretical aims. Describe
Ethical Egoism’s theoretical aim. Describe Divine Command Theory’s theoretical aim.
Explain two differences between what makes something right or wrong on Ethical Egoism
compared to Divine Command Theory.