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Name Zshanesha Williams

Topic: Is extreme parenting effective?

Position: No extreme parenting is not effective

Points that support your opinion (you need at least three). Use the ideas that you generated in the Discussion:

can affect self-esteem

temporarily controls behavior

causes anger issues

power driven

Opposing views and answer to each (you need at least two). Use the ideas generated in the Discussion:

yes, because: minimizes bad behavior, shows them that when you misbehave this happens but when you behave correctly it does not, more goal driven, academic success

Points of argument to include in essay. Choose from your list above; there should be no repetition of points:

Opposing view (Body I)

Point 1 (Body II)
Point 2 (Body III)

Minimizes bad behavior (1) better behavior means better academic success and (2) are more goal driven than other children

Thesis statement: There’s a lot of controversy about extreme parenting and the part it plays in a child development