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Answer these and add to module 7 report.

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Module 7

Post-Lab Questions

Answer the following questions based on material covered in this module.

(You must use complete sentences when answering each question.

1-point deduction per question not answered in complete sentences.)

1) How does the percentage of water in each sample compare to the expected amount of water for optimum popping ability?

2) Based on your results, do you think the percentage of water has any effect on the ability of the popcorn to pop? Explain.

3) If a stale sample of popcorn were to be analyzed, would you expect the % water to be higher or lower than a sample that is not stale? Explain why.

4) If you weighed the popped kernels while they were still warm, how would that affect your calculated mass of water, and your percent of water? Be specific (would they be too high or too low) and explain your line of reasoning in a well-organized paragraph.

5) The usual instructions for popping popcorn in the microwave oven tell us to stop the heating when the popping slows down to 1 or 2 minutes between pops. At this time, we often find there are unpopped kernels remaining. Explain why we cannot separate these duds and reheat them to get them to pop.