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Answer Questions1- Which are the three layers of human body line of defenses? Also explain how it work.
2- Explain how the Inflammatory process occurs in normal physiologic response?
3- Describe the functions of each of the following Defense Cells and where are located: Dendritic Cells, Macrophages, Neutrophils, Eosinophils.
4- What is Phagocytosis?
5- Features of Local Acute Inflammation.
6- Systemic Manifestations of acute Inflammation.
7- What is wound healing by Secondar Intention?
8- Causes of Dysfunctional Wound Healing.
9- What is adaptive Immunity?
10- States functions of T Lymphocytes and B Lymphocytes.
11- Active Immunity vs Passive Immunity: differences and examples of.
12- What are antibodies? What is an antigen?
13- Explain about Neonate Immune Function.
14- Explain the four types of Hypersensitivity Reactions with examples of each.
15- Clinical Infections Disease has four stages…Mention these stages.
16- Concepts of epidemic, Endemic, and pandemic.
17- Bacteria can produce a variety of toxic molecules that may kill the individual’s cells, disrupt tissue, and protect the individual against inflammation. Explain what are Exotoxins and what are Endotoxins?
18- Explain the concept of Antigenic Variation.
19- Concept of AIDS. What are the target cells of HIV infection in human body to affect the immune system?
20- The current treatment for HIV infection is a combination of drugs called antiretroviral therapy (ART) that attacks different portions of the viral replication pathway.
Explain all steps and enzymes with its functions of this replication pathway.
21- Can neonates be infected with HIV? Why or why not?
22- Mention some of the Infections a patient with AIDS may develop.
23- Concept of Stress. Explain in a short paragraph what “Stress Response” is.
24- What is Coping skills? How can coping affect people during stress?