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An explanation of some reasons for choosing this concept? 

Brainstorm Your Own Idea Due February 27, 2022

Prepare a one-page, double-spaced document which describes the idea and explains the business. This should address the following:

· Law Firm number 3

· Group members:

· Reinaldo Barcelo Monroy

· Yenni Curbelo

· Jonathan De Los Santos

· Asoris Marrero Porta

· Romy Martinez Bermudez

· Rachel Salmon Rodriguez

· Detailed description of the product and/or service;

· An explanation of some reasons for choosing this concept

· Your theory as to why this is a viable opportunity.

· Detailed description of the product and/or service

Loli Bake’s is a healthy specialized, sit-down artisan bakery in Miami with a Cuban background. More than a “Pastelito Bakery,” we are creating a new concept where customers can feel the infinite pleasure of eating a Pastelito or any other yummy dessert without regrets. Our receipts go from healthy Cuban coconut pastry to an Australian fruity Pavlova. We are proud to be a 100% scratch bakery, and we support local farmers and suppliers. We only use high-quality natural ingredients such as healthy sugar substitutes and organic fruits, all the best for our customers. Strategically we have named our desserts with Cuban recognized names: “Flancito de Coco” and “Guava Casquito Cake.”

Even though our background is Cuban, we also like our shop to be a place where all different customers can get a piece of home, a place where they can remember their hometown and their Abuelita’s Sunday pie, but in a healthier way. For this reason, we also have a special varied international menu, with a new version of the best desserts that represent different countries, such as Roscon de Reyes from Spain, Poire belle Hélène from France, and the Famous Pavlova from Australia. We want to ensure we are not only Miami’s best Cuban-International Bakery but that our customers have the best experience.

· An explanation of some reasons for choosing this concept

· Your theory as to why this is a viable opportunity.

We analyzed the market and found that there are many options for Cuban bakeries in Miami. Some of them only include a few healthy dishes, but none consider healthy or green the main characteristic of their businesses. Our unique selling proposition is healthy Cuban pastries. We conducted focus group research to delve deeper into the needs and wants of our target customers. Our research shows that people in Miami are concerned about health issues associated with consuming unhealthy ingredients such as cornflour and cane sugar. Our business brings a solution to those concerns by substituting such traditional ingredients for healthier ones in an innovative fashion. People were highly interested in our products after explaining their quality and how we use alternative ingredients to create healthier options. Nutritional information is included in our menu, and the fact that we use organic and high-quality ingredients is highlighted in the informative illustrations inside our establishment. We also conducted a survey in which we explained the benefits of using high-quality and organic ingredients in our products. The people surveyed were assertive and enthusiastic about the idea of paying more for high-quality products. The price will be higher than regular bakeries to highlight our products’ excellent quality, similar to other healthy restaurants in the area.