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Template Questions for Peer Review
for the Compare and Contrast

Copy and paste the questions below into the reply thread of two of your classmates and answer the ALL questions below for peer review. For help, read the “How to Peer Review” document.

1. What are the two topics that are being compared and contrasted in this paragraph? 

2. Does the paragraph have a topic sentence?

· If so, how does the topic sentence help the reader with the paragraph?

· If not, what can your classmate do to create an effective topic sentence for the paragraph?

· The topic sentence should tell you the two things being compared/contrasted and the opinion of the writer.

3. Is the paragraph in the correct compare and contrast structure?

· Which structure is being used – point-by-point or subject-by-subject? 

4. Is the paragraph supporting the topic sentence? 

· If so, how?

· If not, what can your classmate do to make it support the topic sentence?

5. Is there a concluding sentence and does it ease out of the paragraph and connect back to the topic sentence without restating the topic sentence?

· If so, why is it effective as a clincher (concluding sentence)?

· If not, what can your classmate do to write a more effective one? 

6. Does the paragraph have examples?

· What are they?

· If so, how do these examples add to the meaning of the paragraph?  

· If not, what examples might your classmate use to help support his/her paragraph?

7. Is the paragraph unified, meaning all the sentences support the topic sentence?

· Are there any sentences in the paragraph that do not connect back to the topic sentence?

· Are there any sentences that go off-topic? If so, point them out to your classmate. 

8. Is the paragraph coherent? Has the student used any coherence techniques, such as transitional words, repetition of important words or synonyms, order, etc.? Coherence helps the reader easily read the paragraph. It helps with the flow of the paragraph.

· If your classmate has used good transitions, then point them out.

· If he/she needs to use transitions, point that out also and offer some examples where a transition might go. 

9. Has the student used a variety of sentence structures, such as simple, compound, and complex?

· If so, point them out.

· If not, offer where a more complex sentence might be created. 

10. Has the student maintained one point of view? First person = I/we/me; second person = you; third person = they/he/she/them. You may need to revisit the HELP Posting for Point of View to do this.

· If so, mention it and tell them if that point of view works with the paragraph.

· If your classmate is using more than one point of view, point that out and offer advice for fixing it.  

Other things to realize: 

· Pointing out typos and mechanical errors is great, BUT that is not what will give you a decent grade for peer review. Answer the above questions to provide solid feedback to your classmates. Also, feel free to start with small talk, but make sure to eventually provide constructive feedback.

· Please remember that peer review is part of your grade. If you do not provide constructive feedback focused on these paragraph elements, then you will lose up to 1 full letter grade per discussion board.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to respond to this feedback or send me an email. 

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