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1.My family and I enjoy vacationing at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We always go on vacation in May. The rates typically are higher in May, but that is when we always tend to go.  Although we would save money if we would go later, we always go in May. There are many activities to do in Myrtle Beach. The Family Kingdom is one activity that my family enjoys, but last year our son was too small to ride the rides.  Even though we have always enjoyed the Family Kingdom, we now have a new son that we added to our family. As our son ages, he will be able to enjoy the rides along with his brother and sister. Our lives will also surround our children, but we have had to make changes due to our recently born son.   When our son was born the older siblings had to realize everything was different now, especially with family vacations. Although we will take into consideration where our older children want to vacation, we must also consider our youngest son’s age.  Our vacation planning must meet our financial budget, as well as age-appropriate activities for our older children and our youngest child. Chesworth (2003) stated, “Of all the factors that affect the life of a family, the manner of handling family vacation finances may have the greatest impact on the well-being of the family as a unit” (para. 5).  We always plan the trip to make sure each individual child is able to enjoy themselves.   Reference:  Chesworth, N. (2003). The family vacation: a double-edged sword. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 27(4), 346–348. https://doi-org.bethelu.idm.oclc.org/10.1046/j.1470-6431.2003.00325.x .   2. My all-time favorite vacation spot is Gatlinburg, TN. Growing up I lived by a beach, so it is not as big of a deal for me. Although I prefer the mountains I very much would not mind going to the beach with the boys. To me, it’s all about finding your happy spot. Physician Leadership (2018) stated, “There’s mounting evidence meditation helps relieve the fatigue many physicians experience because of their demanding schedules and obligations” (p. 28). That what I do, I meditate and take in the beautiful scenery that nature provides. Another great perk I love about the mountains is getting amazing physical exercise.   The first time I came to visit Tennessee, my family and I came to stay with my sister-in-law. She took us to Gatlinburg and I immediately fell in love. I was currently in the Marine Corps and originally from Ohio. The wife and I were contemplating whether to move back home or elsewhere after my enlistment. We decided on moving somewhere else. I wanted to move close to the mountains and just want to live in an amazing atmosphere. So, we decided to move to famous East Tennessee.  It started as a vacation for my families’ new home. It is a blessing to live in an amazing area that stresses the meaning of southern comfort.    References  PHYSICIAN, HEAL THYSELF: Nine techniques you can use to ease personal and professional stress as you work your way through the increasingly complex world of health care. (2018). Physician Leadership Journal, 5(1), 26–29.