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1000-1200 words

Mid-Term Study Guide INR 4013

What, for Thucydides, was the impetus for war between Sparta and Athens?

For Thucydides, humans are motivated by what three main impulses?

Know the protagonists and their main arguments in the Melian Dialogue

Know the protagonists and their main arguments in the Mytilenian Debate

What were the three virtuous and three vicious (corrupt) forms of government according

to Aristotle?

Explain the Stoic conception of concentric circles of obligation.

Why did Plato argue for a philosopher-king?

Describe Plato’s “noble lie” and why it was necessary for maintaining the Republic.

Know the 3 virtues and occupations/positions corresponding to the 3 metals.

Describe “just war” as formulated by both Augustine and Thomas Aquinas (both

examples of jus ad bellum and jus in bello). Know the latter’s three formal stipulations.

Know Aquinas’ “doctrine of double effect”

Who was the author of the Arthaśāstra, and known as the Indian Machiavelli?