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1. Examine the difference between material and nonmaterial culture in your world. Identify ten objects that are part of your regular cultural experience. For each, then identify what aspects of nonmaterial culture (values and beliefs) that these objects represent. What has this exercise revealed to you about your culture?Submit a paper that is well constructed using APA format. The paper should be a minimum of one typewritten page (approximately 300 to 400 words) with an introduction and conclusion. This paper shall demonstrate use of standard written English with respect to: organization, grammar, spelling, composition, sentence structure, punctuation, and construction.2. Briefly acquaint yourself with the Encyclopedia Britannica entry about Georg Simmel:https://www.britannica.com/biography/Georg-SimmelAfterward read a couple of pages from these excerpts from the following work by this author: https://www.blackwellpublishing.com/content/bpl_images/content_store/sample_chapter/0631225137/bridge.pdf.Please discuss this reading assignment in light of the reading materials for this unit.Reference:Simmel, G. (1950). The Metropolis and Mental Life. In Weinstein, D. (Ed.). The Sociology of Georg Simmel. Trans. K. Wolff. Pp. 409-424. New York: Free Press.