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You should write 1-1 1/4  total in answering these two questions.  In other words, your complete answer to both parts together should not be less than the equivalence of 1 page and should not exceed one and a quarter pages.

1.  Research and explain two (2) other family theories that are not discussed in your text.

           2.  Considering both the family theories discussed by the textbook author  and the family theories that you researched, which theory makes the most sense to you?  How would you use that theory to help explain the behaviors and patterns in your family?

REMINDER TO STUDENTS:  After you have responded to these Q of W,  then you must react to a classmate’s response that chose a different theory than the one you choose.  Then tell how you would use the theory that the classmate chose to explain the behaviors and patterns in your family.  In other words, when you finish this assignment, you will have ultimately applied two of these theories to your family.