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“The Conquest of the Incas”

Watch the film, “The Conquest of the Incas” and answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. Answer in complete sentences. Your responses will be handed in and graded. The worksheet is worth 20 points.

1) When did Pizarro land in Peru?

2) Where was the Incan Empire?

3) What did the Incas eat?

4) What was the Incan religion like?

5) How large was Pizarro’s army? How big was the Incan army?

6) What was Pizarro’s first meeting with Atahualpa like? What did the Incas know about the Spanish?

7) What was the Incas’ plan at Cajamarca?

8) What happened at the Battle of Cajamarca?

9) What was Atahualpa’s offer? Why did he make the offer?

10) What happened to Atahualpa?

11) Who was Manco Inca?

12) Why did Manco Inca leave the sacred valley?

13) What was the Lost City of the Incas?

14) What happened to Francisco Pizarro?

15) What happened to Manco Inca?

16) What Incan traditions still exist today?


Explain each of the following terms. Include the date and historical significance of the term. You can look terms up online to add additional information.

The Glorious 13

Francisco Pizarro




Battle of Cajamarca


Manco Inca


Gonzalo Pizarro