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“Brazil Diaries”

Watch the film, “Brazil Diaries” and answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. Answer in complete sentences. Your responses will be handed in and graded. The worksheet is worth 20 points.

1) What were the terms of the Treaty of Tordesillas?

2) What was the population of pre-Portuguese Brazil like?

3) What were the Portuguese first reactions to the natives? Were they accurate?

4) How many native tribes still exist in Brazil?

5) What were the first profitable resources that the Portuguese found in Brazil?

6) What were the Portuguese goals with the natives of Brazil? What problems arose?

7) What issues do natives face in Brazil today?

8) Why was language the key to colonization and acculturation in Brazil?

9) What happened to the Brazilian natives by 1600? By 1700? Who did the labor in Brazil?

10) How did the Portuguese deal with the native resistance?

11) What id the purpose of the Pataxo Water Festival?

12) Why did the Pataxo want to recreate their ancient language?


Explain each of the following terms. Include the date and historical significance of the term. You can look terms up online to add additional information.

Treaty of Tordesillas

Pedro Alvarez Cabral

“Brazil’s Birth Certificate”







General language

Water Festival